Jesus The King Like No Other

From Sunday, November 19th, Pastor Moses taught from John 12:12-19.

Exemplary Sactification

From Sunday, November 12, 2017, Pastor Bryan continues on in Philippians chapter 3 with a study on sanctification.

A True Christian’s Testimony – Part 2

From November 8, 2017, Pastor Bryan delivered the 2nd part of a two part message from Philippians chapter 3.

Transformed or Hardened

Pastor Moses Estrada returns to John’s gospel and teaches from John 12:1-11 in today’s message.

God’s Word Encourages Your Heart

From Sunday, October 29, 2017, Pastor Moses continues through Psalm 119 with a study from vss. 49-56.

A True Christian’s Testimony

Pastor Bryan returned to the book of Philippians for this Wednesday night study from October 25, 2017.